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Pawsitively Trained is an animal training start up. They needed an initial piece of marketing to allow them to attract new clients and give those clients a sense of what the animal training process is like. To answer the Who, What, Why, and How questions about their service we create a Video Business Card which compresses a lot of information into a very digestible format.

SIRRI is a company that has relied primarily on referrals for its 18 year history. They wanted a new way to reach clients that might never hear from them or be confused by their non-traditional approach to solving the issues their clients face. They decided to showcase a success story from one of their clients.

Rydables had the problem of people seeing their product but getting the feeling that it was “just for kids”. They knew from experience that adults love their product… once they give it a try. We decided that an event testimonial would be the strongest way to reach the audience that Rydables was marketing to and convince them that Rydables wouldn’t just be “for grownups”, but that it would far exceed any other company event or group adventure they could choose.

Jeremy wanted to create a music video to showcase the song he had created as part of a gaming competition. We worked together to develop a style and presentation unique to his song and fitting into the world of the game the competition was sponsored by.

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